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As VIP user, you can hold up to 1,000 books in your account. There are 2 charge ways for you VIP users to pay for the service via PayPal:
1. You need to bind your PayPal account with our monthly charge scheme if choose "$9.99/month" charge way. PayPal will charge you $9.99 from your account automatically each month. (You can stop using the service at anytime, just go to your PayPal account and stop paying directly.)
2. You will receive an email notification 30 days before the uploading service expired if you choose "$99/year" charge way. You can pay another $99.00 to use the service in the next year, or choose some other payment way: $9.99/month, or order points to use the service as Standard User.

If you want to remove the demo watermark of uploaded book, you have to purchase license code to register program and use registered program to publish the book. Purchase from here:

Price: $9.99/month
Price: $99.00/year

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